Africa Centre

Africa is the fastest-growing region of the world in terms of both economy and population. Within the next 35 years, 40% of the planet’s children will call Africa home. As it grows, its economies, cultural dynamics and aspirations are evolving with it. This is why UNICEF reported that “The future of humanity is increasingly African”.

Without awareness of Africa, our society will be unable to understand and engage with what will surely be an important geographic focal point for economic growth, political change and cultural dynamism in the current century.

The Tamar Golan Africa Centre, established with the goal of deepening knowledge of Africa within Israeli academia and society, is preparing today’s Israeli students for the 21st century. We encourage Israeli society to take an active part in this era of monumental change and development in Africa from a position of knowledge and mutual respect. We hope that this knowledge will ultimately become the basis for the students’ active participation in building mutually beneficial ties with this vast and extraordinary continent.

Africa Centre Activities


Our Centre is home to leading Israeli scholars and a growing community if post-graduate researchers. The Centre supports numerous research projects reflecting a broad interdisciplinary approach, including life sciences, humanities and the social sciences.

The African Studies Program

Over 1,000 undergraduate students enroll in an African Studies course during their studies at BGU. Our curriculum includes courses in African history, politics and international relations, as well as economics, development, health, religion and art.

Study Tour

The centre organizes and annual study tour to Africa as part of our academic program.

Internship Program

We offer funding opportunities for our B.A. graduates for 3-6 months internships in community organizations in Africa.

Academic and Cultural Events

The centre hosts symposiums and international academic conferences featuring world leading researchers. Students also participate in movie nights, concerts and panel discussions dedicated to African themes and issues.


The course “Africa and Activism” exposes students to the social, political and economic challenges facing Africa today. All students are required to develop activist projects to address theme issues. Some course graduates are chosen to participate in our annual 3-month volunteer delegation to Africa.

Weekly News Bulletin and Social Media

“This Week in Africa”, a weekly bulletin highlighting news from around the continent, is sent to over 1,000 subscribers. Our Facebook page is home to a growing Israeli and worldwide audience interested in daily updates from the continent.